In my experience, academic life is animated by a reciprocal relationship wherein research, writing and teaching feed each other. As a professor I value the classroom as a space where I serve as facilitator to an intellectual community-in-process. Lectures and seminars  each provide an occasion not only for the dissemination of information, but  for the exchange of ideas as students and professor learn together. In this view, each class is an opportunity to raise new questions, refine those questions that persist over time, and to develop more precise languages for grappling with the problems that capture both our fleeting and abiding attention. I teach a range of courses within Religious Studies and African-American Studies, respectively, as well as ones that bring these fields of inquiry together. Previous classes include Introduction to African-American Studies, Religion and the Quest for a Racial AestheticReligion in Black America: An Introduction, Religion in Post-Civil Rights Era Black AmericaReligions of Harlem, and Theory and Method in the Study of Religion.

Current Teaching Schedule

FALL 2017
On Research Leave at Yale University's Institute for Sacred Music

Gospel Music in Modern America (at Yale University)