A Word From My Favorite Black Republican

Hope this finds y'all well in the New Year... In light of what I will call the Obama Iowa Caucus scare, and the heating up of the Democratic primary race in its wake, I wanted to share with you a couple of emails from a good friend who I've known since my undergrad days at Oral Roberts University in the early/mid-1990s. On campus he was the most vocal black democrat, with a biting racial critique of the college's politics; and I vividly remember him celebrating Clinton's 1992 victory - at least in part to provoke tears (and they were being shed) on the part of ORU's even more vocal Republican majority.

Sean McCray is now pursuing a career in law and, while switching party affiliations, has maintained his critical commentary on race politics in America. Check out his email comments (included here with his permission) below and let me know what you think...

MONDAY, January 14, 2008

"Others are finally seeing the real Bill and Hillary Clinton. The so called "black" President. They also passed out mailers in NH implying that Obama was not pro-choice. Although Obama and Hillary have the exact same rating from Planned Parenthood and NARAL. The Clinton's are just getting started. Wait and see. Let’s see how long blacks will hold on while the Clinton's play racial politics."

"I keep saying I am going to write a book exposing that man's record. My mother has never voted Republican, and she said she would not vote for Hillary, just tired of the dirty politics they play. Bill Clinton is … as usual, showing no class. He is a former President, he should act like it. Running around telling blatant lies on Obama, I mean blatant lies. (Bush 41 never acted like this.) When the Republicans win the Presidency in the Fall, remember this is when the Dems lost it. The Obama supporters will not follow Hillary unless she makes Obama the VP. We all know ain’t no way america is going to elect a woman/black on the same ticket."

"Say hello to President McCain, and not seeing the Dems in the white house for at least 8 more years. As blacks continue to hitch our political lives on one party."

TWO DAYS LATER... (Wednesday, January 17, 2008)

"It is Dick Morris (SEE: Hannity and Colmes) talking about the Clinton's purposely using the race card to gain white voters. Guess what, its working. Obama's lead in SC has gotten smaller, even though the black vote has moved toward him. The Clinton's wanted this, they wanted to make Obama "black". They know what that says to many white liberals. If they make him "black", it is easier to call him names, and call him a liar. They are thinking about the Super Tuesday elections. They also hope that if Obama wins SC they will be able to dismiss the win as a "black" victory. "

Has Sean got it right? Let me know what y'all think...

Keeping it Critical in 2008!